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 Tsardom of Russia

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PostSubject: Tsardom of Russia   Tsardom of Russia I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 27, 2010 2:54 am

The Tsardom of Rus (Russian: Царство Русское, Tsarstvo Russkoye, from original "Царьство Руское"[1]) was the official[2] type of government and name for the Russian state between Ivan IV's assumption of the title of Tsar in 1547 and Peter the Great's foundation of the Russian Empire in 1721.

The term is not without controversy: some Russian historians consider the correct name to be the "Tsardom of Muscovy", or "Muscovite Tsardom": this view is supported by such authors as Voltaire in his works such as History of Charles XII, King of Sweden (1731), as well as other Russian historians[3] and is considered by them to be authentically Russian.[2] Others contend that "Muscovite Tsardom" was propagated as a result of political influences of Poland.

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Tsardom of Russia
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