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 Anyone else sick of the M. Vick coverage?

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The Drifter

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PostSubject: Anyone else sick of the M. Vick coverage?   Thu May 21, 2009 10:08 am

I just wanted to see if anyone else is sick of all the M. Vick out of jail coverage. ESPN has went crazy with it as they usually do with what I consider senseless junk. Vick is not back in football yet so this is not really a sports story. Vick is nothing more than an"X" Con/Thug that got out of jail home "mansion" confinement. Rolling Eyes Mad

Part of the history in the last couple of days on espn......Vick leaves the is "x" number of miles to his home and will take him approx. this amount of time to drive it.............there was a kid in a red # 7 jersey skateboarding outside Vicks home at 2am.......Vick arrives home.
I think that you can get my point. Whats next......Vick goes to the john and for what reason and how long it takes him? Laughing

Anyone esle out there sick of Vick..........and espn with all their coverage? I just had to vent.
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Johnny Drama
Johnny Drama

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PostSubject: Re: Anyone else sick of the M. Vick coverage?   Mon May 25, 2009 11:09 am

I think everyone is lol.
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Anyone else sick of the M. Vick coverage?
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